Treat Yourself Well

Kure was born in 2011 as a small juice cart on a sunny street corner in Portland, Oregon. Making healthful and delicious food was our mission then, and continues to be now as we start to release our line of delicious and nutritious snack foods. Today, we operate four shops in Portland, and have learned so much on the road here, the most important of which being how functional foods can transform our lives. Food shouldn’t just look pretty and taste good. It needs to serve a purpose, or it’s simply vanity.

Making Healthy Comfort Food Since 2011

We were founded over a decade ago by Nate Higgins and Nick Armour, two friends sharing a passion for pushing limits and having a tremendous amount of fun doing it.

Our goal was and always has been to facilitate balance, because lets face it, life throws challenging choices at us every single day. Donuts or Green Juice? Coffee or Tea? Stay in and relax or go out and be social?